An excellent lighting control system that allows you to achieve complete darkness at night and almost complete darkness during the day, which promotes relaxation. Shutters also serve as sun protection.
80 € / m2
Shutters window blinds


Electric shutters include a motor. Their movement is carried out using a button on the wall, or using a remote control.

The installation of these motorized shutters offers several advantages: the elimination of lifting rope and the ability to schedule time when you want the structures to open or close themselves.
80 € / m2 + 165 € motor
Window shutters electric automatic


Security without window bars. Self-locking shutters are specially designed to prevent opening from the outside, which increases the safety of the house.

This system guarantees complete security, since the blocking occurs immediately after closing.
175 € / m2
 Window shutters auto-locking

Standard colors

WhiteRal 1015Ral 3005Ral 5013Ral 6005Ral 6009Ral 7011Ral 7012Ral 7016Ral 7022Ral 7038Ral 8014Ral 8017Ral 8019Negro mateGris grafitoPino nudoRoble goldenNogal oscuro

RSV Ventanas

RSV Ventanas is the representative of the REHAU PVC windows factory in Valencia.

Always choose the best. If you need windows, they have to be REHAU brand. After all, quality is a pleasure to use the product for a long time!

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