Hörmann Garage doors

Garage doors

Sectional and roller doors provide maximum space both inside and in front of the garage. They can be set into in any garage opening. In addition, they are sealed with elastic and weather-resistant seams around the entire perimeter
Garage doors Hormann in Valencia
Hörmann Garage doors

Industrial doors

Industrial doors save space and could be adapted to any industrial building with different types of rails. Hörmann anti-collision high-speed doors are used to optimize traffic flow, improve indoor climate and save energy thanks to polyurethane-insulated sandwich panels that provide high thermal insulation.
Industrial gates Hormann in Valencia
Hörmann Garage doors


With the automated mechanism of the garage door opener, you can quickly, conveniently and safely open your garage door using the remote control from your car or smartphone by downloading the Hörmann BlueSecur app. By connecting the Smart Home system, you can program it in such a way that on the garage door closing at night, the exterior and corridor lighting will turn on at the same time or the door will automatically open when approaching the house.
Automation for gates Hörmann in Valencia

Advantages of garage doors

  • Are compact. Occupy a minimum of indoor space
  • Work quietly
  • Are safe. Equipped with an obstacle detection sensor
  • We will install and adjust them
  • Warranty and post-warranty service

Ideal for

Private houses, entrance to the residence. Industrial group - for large warehouses and small shops and workshops

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