Usually windows and doors are installed, on average, for 30-40 years, so it is important to choose a product configuration which is suitable for your case and meets your demands. It is difficult for an average customer to understand the capabilities of different PVC profiles or the advantages of a double-glazed unit. In this case, a salesperson from RSV Ventanas will help you.

Information required to identify your needs:

  • reason for replacing old windows;
  • the area you live in (noisy or not);
  • does the facade of the house require a certain colour of windows;
  • dimensions of PVC structures;
  • types of opening;
  • which side of the world your windows face (south, north, etc.).

Contact us and our manager will offer you the best option.

You can find out the exact cost of a window only after calculating it with a special program that takes into consideration all the necessary design features.

In order to calculate correctly the cost, it is necessary to determine:

  • window dimensions;

  • opening method (tilt-and-turn, sliding);
  • colour;
  • type of double-glazed unit;
  • do you need mosquito nets and shutters;
  • delivery address.

The more sashes your PVC window has, the more complicated the hardware, the wider the glass unit, the more expensive your window will be. White window is cheaper, colored window increases the cost of the window structure.

Consult the manager which option is best for you, taking into consideration the location and characteristics of the house.

Exact measurement of windows should be performed by a professional.

The visit of the technician at home at the time that best suits you is free and does not imply any commitment on your part. In the measurement process, the specialist will take into account a number of important factors, as well as your wishes.

Send us a message and the salesperson will contact you to arrange the date and time of the technician's visit. As a rule, the measurer arrives 1-2 days after the request.

You will be contacted 1-2 days before delivery to agree on the delivery time.

The installers of the RSV ventanas company get a special training, because the installation of windows is a very important stage. The quality of the window’s operation and its service life depend on it.

For installation work it is required to take permission "la obra menor" in a Ayuntamiento, in some cases "la obra mayor" (for historical buildings, if it is planned to change the opening).

Installation includes:

  1. Elevating windows to the floor
  2. Dismantling an old windows
  3. Installing a new ones
  4. Wall puttying
  5. Garbage removal

As a rule, one window installation takes an average of 2-3 hours, depending on complexity. On installation, installers adjust the windows for easy closing, remove construction debris and old windows.

RSV ventanas does not provide window installation services from other manufacturers.

The installation price is 40€ per one lineal meter of the perimeter.

Production time:

  • windows and doors  - 4 weeks,
  • mosquito nets - 7 working days

1. Preliminary price calculation

Please send the dimensions of your windows/doors by WhatsApp and we will calculate the preliminary price for you.

2. Calling the measurer

After receiving the request, the manager will contact you within two hours and make an appointment time of arrival for accurate measurement convenient for you.

3. Measurement

We make measurements for free taking into consideration your desires.

4. Prepayment

Prepayment is 70%. We sign an agreement.

5. Production

The production period of tilt-and-turn windows is 6 weeks; sliding windows - 8 weeks; shutters and mosquito nets - 5 working days.

6. Delivery

1-2 days before the delivery of products, you will be contacted to agree on the delivery time.

IMPORTANT! If you ordered the installation service of our company, the windows will be elevated to an apartment for free. Otherwise, they will be delivered to the house entrance.

7. Payment

The customer pays the remaining 30% on the day of delivery of windows delivery.

8. Installation

You will be contacted by the head of the installation team to agree the time of installation. As a rule, each window installation takes 2-3 hours an average. The real time depends on the complexity.

9. Payment for installation

The customer pays the full cost of installation on its completion.

  1. PVC and wood are the best materials for thermal insulation of a room, as they have extremely low thermal conductivity. On the contrary, the thermal conductivity of aluminum is 1000 times higher. To improve thermal insulation, aluminum profile manufacturers break the thermal bridge between the inside and outside parts of the window using plastic or rubber components. This is not necessary for PVC, since PVC is a natural insulator.
  2. Tilt & Turn windows have better thermal insulation than regular sliding windows due to the tight fit of the sash to the frame and the rubber seal. 
  3. The more air chambers a PVC profile has, the higher thermal insulation.
  4. Glass unit chambers are filled with argon. This gas conducts temperature much worse than air.
  5. The absence of gaps or slots after installing the window. Trust installation only to experienced professionals. After all, not only the efficiency of the window depends on this, but also its service life!

REHAU Tilt & Turn windows would be a good choice. They are sealed. And their possibility of vertical ventilation is a big plus.

How do I choose Windows with high noise insulation?

  • The sashes must fit snugly to the frame. It is better to choose Tilt-and-Turn windows due to their tightness.
  • The glass unit must be made of 3 glasses of different thickness. The thickest is installed outside. Or triplex, 2 glasses are glued with a special film.
  • The absence of gaps or slots after installing the window. Trust installation only to experienced professionals. After all, not only the efficiency of the window depends on this, but also its service life!

The quality and durability of PVC Windows depend on:

  1. The quality of PVC profile and hardware, their rigidity, strength, endurance.
  2. Equipment for manufacturing.
  3. Quality of installation.
  4. Correct and careful use (see the instruction item 21)

Thus, large factories have automated production lines, which makes it possible to reduce the influence of the human factor to a minimum. Ultimately, we get high quality windows.

If the installation is done incorrectly, the sash can sag, which lead to additional workload and rapid wear of the hardware.

Order the installation from experienced specialists of our company.

Are not. Even windows with the same appearance can be completely different.

The quality of the material, its strength and durability make them different, with different service life.

Secondly, there are different profile structures and levels of tightness that make each window unique.

Thirdly, correct assembly and correct connection to the structure are essential in order to enjoy all the benefits of a PVC window.

There are PVC profiles, in which they add additives to get the white color, which over time can acquire yellow shades.

The REHAU consortium guarantees the content of special additives in the PVC profile, thanks to which the color does not change.

PVC windows are hermetic, which guarantees a very high thermal and acoustic insulation. If there is excess of humidity in the room (flowers, the kitchen, the bathroom), condensation may appear on the glass.

To get rid of moisture, ventilate the room for a few minutes. Or install dehumidifiers at home.

  1. Clean windows with warm soapy water.
  2. Do not use aggressive mixtures such as acetone or abrasive materials.
  3. Once a year, lubricate the hardware with special oil. This will prolong its service life and save you from squeaking.
  4. Also clean the rubber seals every six months so that they do not lose their elasticity.

Energy-saving double-glazed unit is made of glass, which is coated with silver ions. This layer reduces the loss of heat received from heating devices, or coolness from the air conditioner. This means that you turn on heating/cooling devices less often and pay up to 76% less for electricity.

PVC like many other polymers is a durable material. It is not affected by the sun's rays, humidity, natural microorganisms or insects. Owing to special additives (modifiers), PVC for window profiles is a non-fragile and quite rigid material.

Modern high-quality PVC windows are designed for operation at the range of temperatures from -50 °C to +60 °C. Experts say that REHAU has demonstrated that modern windows made of hard PVC can maintain their properties for up to 50 years.

The service life of rubber seals ranges from 4 to 15 years. They are could be replaced quite easily.

The tilt-and-turn window is a structure with a well-balanced mechanism, for the proper functioning of which it is necessary to follow certain rules:

  • By opening and closing a window, it is better to slightly press the window frame.
  • To open the window, you need to turn the handle to the horizontal position. 
  • To open the window in ventilation mode, it is necessary to turn the handle to the vertical upper position.

VERY IMPORTANT! When the window is open, do not change the position of the handle!

ATTENTION! Turning the handle should only be done when the sash is closed. That is, if the window is open, to change the position of the sash, it is necessary to close the window and only after that turn the handle.

Since tilt-and-turn windows provide maximum tightness, it is necessary to periodically ventilate the room to prevent condensation. Ventilation should be carried out 2 to 3 times a day, for 10 to 15 minutes, or periodically put the windows in the microventilation position.

For the correct and long-term operation of the window after completion of installation work, you must follow the following instructions:

  • the window sash cannot be opened for 24 h;
  • it is necessary to cover the possible grooves in the wall to maintain airtightness;
  • during wall finishing work, window sashes should be closed to prevent plaster, cement residue and other foreign objects from falling on the hardware;
  • the protective film of the PVC profile must be removed no later than 20 days after the date of its installation.

We give 1-year guarantee to the PVC structures from the date of signing the contract, in case the installation was carried out by our company.

The guarantee means:

  • the maintaining the integrity, geometric shape and dimensions of products;
  • the maintaining the tightness of double-glazed units;
  • the maintaining the quality and functionality of seals;
  • the maintaining the integrity of the hardware and the absence of corrosion on it ( *except for coastal areas, where there can be a very aggressive environment);
  • the preservation of the tightness of the tilt-and-turn windows;
  • the free repair or replacement service for defective parts or components that have been recognized as defective and occurred due to the fault of the manufacturer, existed at the time of product purchase or occurred during the warranty period.

The warranty is valid if you comply with The Instructions for the correct use of PVC structures (see paragraph 17).

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:

  • the violations of one of the points of The Instructions for the correct use of PVC structures (see paragraph 17);
  • the incorrect installation performed by the customer;
  • the detection of the protective film on the PVC profile after 20 days of installation;
  • the use of heating devices near windows and doors that may cause deformation of the PVC profile;
  • improper repair of products that were not performed by specialists of RSV ventanas;
  • mechanical damage during operation;
  • expiration of the warranty period.

The elimination of the above-mentioned (non-warranty) defects is performed at the customer's expense according to the company's current tariffs.



PVC windows provide high thermal insulation, which affects energy and economic savings in your home. You can save up to 70% on heating in winter and 55% on air conditioning in summer.



PVC windows keep heat well in the room after turning off the heating. This way we can reduce energy losses by up to 70%, which will save you a lot of costs on your electricity bills.


Through the use of glass of different thicknesses, PVC windows can be configured to maximize their acoustic insulation characteristics, providing maximum comfort in your home.

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