Profile Geneo

GENEO® is the first full reinforced window profile system and made out of the high-tech material RAUFIPRO®. RAUFIPRO® is unique and most innovative in the window market. It provides unbeatable stability. GENEO® is energetically the best window profile system with a construction depth of 86mm which is currently on the market available. The fully reinforced profile design requires no steel and this is eliminating thermal bridges, through which normally valuable energy is lost.

REHAU PVC profile Geneo


  • Construction depth 86 mm
  • Chambers 6 chambers
  • Maximum glass unit thickness 53 mm
  • Type of reinforcement Fibrous material RAU-FIPRO®
  • Number of gaskets 2 gaskets on the perimeter and 1 central
  • Thermal insulation Uf = 0.76 W/m2K
  • Sound insulation up to 47 dB
  • Maximum dimensions (for a 2-sash window) Width (L) 2.500 mm. Height (H) 2.600 mm. Maximum weight 130 kg/sash

Standard colors

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